Roca Metals is a global commodities group with an experienced team and an established presence throughout the metal markets. With European processing facilities and trading offices, Roca has a strong focus on consolidating, processing, and trading a full range of physical metal commodities. Our network of clients and partners range from international metal producers, sovereigns, global manufacturers and industrial consumers.

Roca has an ethos of building long-term relationships throughout the global metal markets, based on transparency, trust and reliability. This culture underpins Roca's vertically integrated business, aligning it with its broad customer base throughout the commodity value chain.


  • Copper Granules – 1A (Cu Min99,9) – Cu1B (Cu Min99,5) – Cu2 (Cu Min 98%)
  • Copper Candy (Cu99,9)
  • Heavy Copper Scrap (Cu Min 98%)

  • Birch Cliff (Cu Min 96%)
  • Ocean/Brass Radiators
  • Copper Alloy – CuNi5/10/25- Ni-Brass – Ni-Silver- Aluminium-Bronze


  • Commercial Pure – Turnings, Briquets, Sheet
  • Tally Radiators – Clean/Used, Iron Free
  • Talk Radiators – Clean/Used, Iron Free

  • Aluminium Granules
  • Clean 2,3,5,7 & 8000
  • Clean Extrusion (6082,6060,6063)

Semi-finished Alloys

  • Primary/Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingot, SOW, T-Bar, Granules
  • Ingot/Shot: CuP, CuFe, CuMn, CuCr, CuSi
  • Waffle/tablet: AlTi, AlMn, AlCr, AlSr

  • Silicon Metal
  • Magnesium Ingot
  • Electrolytic Manganese Flake


  • Ferro-Chrome
  • Ferro-Manganese
  • Ferro-Molybdenum
  • Ferro-Silicon

  • Ferro-Vanadium
  • Ferro- Titanium
  • Ferro-Cobalt


Roca sources and trades refined metals, and the associated raw materials, while also trading scrap and secondary grade metals. Roca’s trading team is staffed by experienced metals specialists, with extensive physical and financial metal trading knowledge.This allows Roca to source and trade a wide variety of products, while increasing pricing transparency for its global trading network.

Roca’s in-depth risk management expertise allows it to provide a secure and flexible service, ensuring contracts and fixation terms are aligned precisely to our customer needs. Short term to multi- year contracts are available, with a variety bespoke fixation terms.

Processing & Consolidating

Roca is a vertically integrated commodity group, which operates physical processing and consolidation plants in the United Kingdom, responsible for processing and refining a wide variety of metallic scraps and alloys. With both processing and trading arms, Roca provides end-to-end solutions for our client base.

Roca processes and consolidated smaller metal consignments, into larger standardised market parcels, allowing for delivery optimisation. Roca provides logistics solutions via container, dry bulk, rail, truck or barge, with all consignment being managed through our experienced operations team and global network of logistics providers.

Outsourced Solutions

Roca is experienced in managing and executing projects to trade, process, destruct, sort, consolidate and transport physical metal consignments globally, on behalf of our network of partners.

Roca applies its comprehensive knowledge of the physical metals market to specific projects, supplying project managers, skilled staff, and machinery to locations globally. Roca provides an end to end solution, eliminating the complexity and unknowns of specific projects, while reducing the project costs, and maximising commodity revenues for the end customer.

Diverse Expertise

Roca’s team is experienced across the commodity value chain: commodity risk management, credit risk, commodity & inventory finance solutions, marketing arrangements, commodity asset management and logistics management.

Roca’s experienced team and vertically integrated business embraces commodities to its core, and aims to add value to all its partnerships, suppliers and customers by providing services that enhance their businesses profitability and optimises their commodity production.

Roca Metals